Montana's Race to the Sky
February 10-14, 2017

Welcome to our thirty-second year of Race to the Sky. We have one 300 mile race and two 100 mile races for juniors and adults. Our races travel from Camp Rimini (Helena), Lincoln, Ovando, Seeley Lake for the 100 mile finish and 300 milers continue to Condon and then back to Seeley Lake for a layover before heading to the finish at Hi-Country Snack Foods near Lincoln. Events will begin Friday in Helena for 300 mile racers and Saturday in Lincoln for 100 mile racers. Join us for another exciting Race to the Sky!

Race Day







Thanks to Steve DuBois,






Laurie Warren wins the Race to the Sky 300 at 8:53 p.m. Monday night. 

Spencer Bruggeman finishes Race to the Sky 300 at 10:16 p.m. to take second place. 

Brett Bruggeman, finishes in third place at 10:16:05 p.m.  Congratulations to all the teams.

Thank you to the sponsors, volunteers, marshalls, vets and

everyone who made the 2017 Race to the Sky Amazing!



Brett Bruggeman



100 Mile Race Finishers

1st place:  Rick Larson, Sand Coulee, Montana

2nd place:  Joseph Carson, Wasilla, Alaska

3rd place:  Roy Etnire, Seeley Lake, Montana

4th place:  Dave Bush, Bend, Oregon

5th place:  Steve Riggs, Olney, Montana

6th place:  Steve Madsen, Cougar, Washington

7th place:   Bino Fowler, Bend, Oregon

Dr. Kathy Topham, head race vet                     8th place:  Adam Buch, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada

Junior:  Meg Conklin, Boise, Idaho

2017 Awards PR

PR #10 Race to the Sky

PR#9 Race to the Sky

PR #8 – Race to the Sky

#7 PR Race to the Sky

PR #6 – Race to the Sky