30th Annual Race to the Sky
February 13-18, 2015

Everyone is invited to all our events!
JENNY GREGER of Bozeman, Montana, won the 2014 Race to the Sky 350 at 3:09 p.m. Tuesday with 9 dogs.
LAURA DAUGEREAU, of Stockett, Montana, came in second for the 2014 Race to the Sky 350 at 4:00 p.m. Tuesday with 9 dogs.
BRETT BRUGGEMAN, of Great Falls, Montana, finished third in the 2014 Race to the Sky 350 at 4:53 p.m. Tuesday with 11 dogs.
Bryce Mumford is at Seeley Lake Checkpoint II resting on his 6 hour mandatory layover.

WATCH THE RACE online at www.racetothesky.org or on facebook. Watch for donation jars at all Race to the Sky events. Let's send a huge check to the U.S. War Dogs Association Chapter 1 to send off care packages to currently serving military dogs.

HELP US WRAP UP THE RACE and again raise funds for the U.S. War Dogs Chapter 1 at the AWARDS CEREMONY for the 350 mile race on Wednesday, February 19, 6-8:30 p.m. at XPlorationWorks! in Helena. Tickets available at Urgent Care Plus in Helena or at the door. Let's make this a smashing success.

Montana Sled Dog, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation which organizes Race to the Sky each February. We host three races: a 350 mile adult race, a 100 mile adult race and a 100 mile junior race and commemorates Camp Rimini War Dog Reception and Training Center, used to train sled dogs during World War II. Join us February 14-19, 2014 for the 29th annual Race to the Sky.

This year Montana Sled Dog, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is a Signature Event Partner as part of Celebrate Helena’s 150th Birthday. Let’s help celebrate Helena’s rich 150 year history.

to race day


Our 30th Race to the Sky is set for February 13-18, 2015.  Won’t you partner with us?


350 Mile Finishers

1st Place  – JENNY GREGER



100 Mile Race Finishes Monday, Feb. 16:

1st Place  – ROY ETNIRE

2nd Place  -  JEAN WISE



5th Place  – LAURIE WARREN

6th Place – CHRIS MILLER

For more information, go to www.racetothesky.org or view 2013 timesheets on this website.


 Montana Sled Dog, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation which organizes Race to the Sky each February.  MSDI is organized to preserve, commemorate, and document the historical and traditional use of sled dogs in Montana and specifically the dogs used at Camp Rimini.  We offer educational opportunities, historical background, and organize a 350 mile and two-100 mile (1 junior and 1 adult)  sled dog races starting February 13, 2015!


One of our “missions” this year is to assist the U.S. War Dog Association Chapter 1 (www.chapter1.uswardogs.org in Pinole, California) who is  already serving active and retired military dogs.  We can help change legislation that now classifies these canines as “excess equipment”, continue to bring military dogs home after completing their tour of duty, raise awareness for these unsung heroes, and deliver care packages throughout the year to these servicemen and women and their dogs.  One dog can save as many as 150 soldiers from death or injury during their tour of duty and most likely will save thousands more.  It costs $15.45 to ship one large flat rate box care package to one soldier and dog.  Let’s raise money to help offset the costs of making these care packages and the cost of shipping over 5,000 care packages to military dogs serving this year.  Can you sponsor shipping 1 box, 5 boxes, 10 boxes, how about 1,000 boxes?


Won’t you join us in February?  It’s sure to be another fantastic race.  Please get involved as a volunteer, sponsor, or bring the family to the events.  There is something magical about kids and dogs and these dogs are super heroes in every sense of the word!  Come, join the thrill and be part of giving something back to the serving military dogs!