Race to the Sky - 30 years
February 13-17, 2015

Awards Ceremony for the 300 is Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 p.m. at ExplorationWorks! in Helena. Everyone is welcome with tickets $10 per person and kids free. Join the mushers, hear the trail stories, learn some history about the race, celebrate the volunteers and sponsors and be a part of the 30th running of Race to the Sky. PLEASE JOIN US! Tickets are available at Bert & Ernies or at the door.

to race day

Live Musher Tracking Here!  If you click on link,  use the gps trackers to locate each musher.

A special thanks to Dr. Brett Bruggeman for sponsoring our GPS trackers this year.  Thanks to Brett’s generosity, you can track the musher’s progress on the map on this website.  The GPS trackers are placed on the sleds.



     Jessie Royer WON Race to the Sky in first place at 9:44 p.m. with 10 dogs on Monday, Feb. 16.

     Aiyana Ferraro finished in second place at 10:07 p.m. with 9 dogs on Monday, Feb. 16.

     Brett Bruggeman finished in third place at 4:16 a.m. with 7 dogs on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

     Bryce Mumford finished in fourth place at 12:06 p.m. with 10 dogs on Tuesday, Feb. 17.

     Congratulations to all the mushers!

Withdrawn:  Lachlan Clarke, Chris Dale, Clayton Perry, Jenny Greger, Josi Thyr, and Laura Daugereau and Chris Adkins.




The 300 mile awards ceremony is on Tuesday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 p.m. at ExplorationWorks!.  Everyone is invited and organizers are hoping for a big crowd.  There will be trail stories, a celebration of the dogs, volunteer awards, musher awards, accolades to sponsors and more.  Tickets are $10 and may be purchased either at the door or at Bert & Ernie’s in Helena.  For more information e-mail info@racetothesky.org

Go to our website under press releases for all copies of 2015 race press releases and follow gps trackers.

2015 Race Timesheets


100 Mile Race Standings:

The order of finish for the 100 mile Race to the Sky finished Sunday:

 1st Place          Spencer Bruggeman, Great Falls, MT (100 Mile Junior)

 1st place          Jerry Bath, Lander, WY (100 Mile Adult)

2nd place         Doug Ferraro, Victor, MT

3rd place         Laurie Warren, Council, ID

4th place         Mark Stamm, Riverside, WA

5th place         Steve Riggs, Olney, MT

6th place         Garrett Warren, Council, ID

7th place         Martin Koenig, Seeley Lake, MT

8th place         Roy Etnire, Seeley Lake, MT

9th place         Trevor Warren, Council, ID

10th place       Jackie Wepruk, Lacombe, AB, Canada

11th place       Karen Ramstead,, Perryvale, AB, Canada

12th place       Steve Madsen, Cougar, WA

13th place       Jordan Hillock, Minersville, UT

14th place       Neal Bowlen, Park City, UT


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