2019 Race to the Sky Mushers

300 Mile Entries:

Gwenn Bogart is a 60 year old retiree from Boulder, Wyoming.  She has been mushing 6 years.  Inn the lead will be Starr and Dutch, Alaskan Huskies.  Her most  exciting race was the Copper Basin 300 with this being her first Race to the Sky 300.

Brett Bruggeman is a 48 year old dentist and dog musher from Great Falls, Montana.  His family operates Skinny Legs Sled Dogs and he has been mushing for 8 years.  This is his seventh Race to the Sky and he ran Iditarod 2018 and won the 2016 Eagle Cap Extreme 200 with his Alaskan huskies.  In his free time, he enjoys horse packing, fishing and falconry.  He is sponsored by Bruggeman Endodontics & Implants.  He is also the sponsor for the GPS units on each sled.

Frank Moe is a 53 year old guide from Hovland, Minnesota.  He has been dog mushing for 20 years and runs Alaskan huskies.  In the lead will be Cowboy, Cinder and Duke.  He has recently run the Wyoming Stage Stop and received the Sportsmanship Award, second place at the Beargrease, second place at the Midnight Run and third place at the UP200.  This is his first Race to the Sky 300.

Gabe Dunham is a 35 year old tour operator from Darby, Montana.  He will be racing Alaskan huskies and in the lead will be Foxy, Weasel, Dietrich and Nova.  She has been mushing for 19 years.  Her most exciting race has been the Eagle Cap Extreme.  This is her first Race to the Sky 300.

Clayton Perry is a 59 year old home center owner from Power, Montana.  He has been dog mushing for ten years and in the lead will be Smoke and Ash.  He runs Alaskan huskies, Doug Swingley breed.  He got started using sled dogs to access the back country to hunt mountain lions and trap bobcats. He has received the Best Cared for Team award at Race to the Sky, a first place at Eagle Cap Extreme, second place in Race to the Sky 100, first at Flathead Classic and several sportsmanship awards.

Damon Ramaker is a 37 year old nurse from Fountain, Minnesota.  He has been mushing for five years and runs Cindy Gallea Alaskan huskies.  He got his start skijoring with hunting dogs, then handled for Cindy Gallea and now has his own team.  This is his second Race to the Sky, finishing his first 300 mile race last year in fifth place.

100 Mile Junior Entries:

Nicole Grangroth is a 16 year old student from Menahga, Minnesota.  She has been mushing 3 years.  In the lead will be Gravel and Whistle with the background of her dogs being from Jamie Nelson’s Alaskan huskiess.  She came in second place in the 2018 Jr. John Beargrease and this is her first Race to the Sky Junior 100.

100 Mile Adult Entries:

Roy Etnire is a 63 year old millwright from Seeley Lake, Montana.  He operates Mystik North Sleddogs and has been mushing for nine years.  He won the 2014 Eagle Cap 100 and the Race to the Sky 100 in 2013 and 2014.  He also received the Best Cared for Team Award at Race to the Sky.  In the lead will be Sidney, Gondor and Chattie Kathy.  Roy runs Alaskan huskies.

Miriam Osredkar is a professional guide and dog trainer from Fairfield, Montana. She has been mushing for 11 years and worked as a dog sledding guide in Alaska and Wyoming.  In 2014, she participated in the Nadzehda Hope Race in Russia and the 90th Anniversary Serum Run in 2015 along with running Iditarod in 2016.   In her spare time, she enjoys backpacking, kayaking, skiing and all outdoor activities. She will be running dogs from Skinny Legs Sled Dogs. This is her second Race to the Sky.

Spencer Bruggeman is a 17 year old student from Great Falls, Montana.  He has raced the 100 mile junior race five times and helps operate the family kennel, Skinny Legs Sled Dogs.  He finished the 300 mile Race to the Sky in 2017 as the youngest teen to finish the 300 mile race.  He was the one who enticed his dad, Brett, to take up dog mushing and they train together.  When he isn’t mushing, he enjoys fly-fishing and music.  He is sponsored by his mom and dad, Brett and Suzette Bruggeman and Bruggeman Endodontics.

Steve Madsen is a 54 year old attorney from Cougar, Washington. He operates a kennel of Alaskan huskies and has been dog mushing for 27 years. He ran the 2004 and 2006 Iditarod with the 2006 Iditarod his most exciting race ever run. In the lead will be Leopard and Scandal.  The background of his kennels is Swingley and Barron.  His most exciting race was the 2006 Iditarod.  This is his tenth Race to the Sky.

David Hassilev is a 58 year old retiree from Priest River, Idaho.  He has been dog mushing for six years and runs Alaskan huskies and Chinooks.  In the lead will be Galaxy, Flyer, Dust and Cinder.  He ran the Eagle Cap 2017 race and got his start with one Chinook and a scooter.  This is his first Race to the Sky 100.

Janet Bahe is a 58 year old retired postal clerk from Togo, Minnesota.   She got her start with Inuits and after going to  Boot Camp in Minnesota, she started running Jamie Nelson Alaskan huskies.  She has been mushing for 18 years and enjoys mentoring kids.  In the lead will be Francis, Cinder and Trestle.  One of her students is Nichol Grangroth who is running the Junior race this year.  This is her first Race to the Sky.

Jenny Roddewig is a 23 year old college graduate from Bozeman, Montana.  She has been mushing her whole life and racing for 12 years. She races Alaskan huskies with breeding emphasis on larger trap-line style dogs.  She was the 2011 and 2012 Jr. Race to the Sky champion, the 2013 Beagrease 150 champion and the 2014 Race to the Sky 350 champion and has received 8 Best Cared for Team Awards and has race many other races.  She says her favorite race has always been Race to the Sky and she is a second generation musher, starting with her dad, Rob, who is, once again, our Race Marshall.

Rex Mumford is a 65 year old farmer from Huntsville, Utah.  He has been mushing for 2 years, starting out as a handler for his son, Bryce’s team and running it last year for him.  In the lead will be Ishtar and Gifr, running Alaskan huskies.  This is his second Race to the Sky 100.