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Our race manager, Sarah Deveraux, is the best!  When you see her, thank her for all she does for Race to the Sky.  She is amazing.

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers :



Tim McCutcheon, Ken Rosenbaum, Avis McCollum, Shelby Goodman, Jody Deveraux, Chris McCutcheon, Fred Beyer, Taale Sofa, Rachel Deveraux, Larry, Charley Carpenter, Liza Sautter, Madeline Rubida, Mikayla Stinar, Sarah Muse, Cara Greger, Cody Pate, Jessie Pate, Nancy Braun, Cyndy Braun, K. C. Hayes, Donna Olsen, Lynne Mikelson, Jackie Jones, Gayl Teichert, Christine and John Pierce, Mindi Askelson, Cassie Askelson, Angie, the Staff at Hi-Country Snack Foods, La Barney and his daughter, Julia Walsh, Rick Halverson, Rob Loveman, Bob and Carol Blanchard, Bob’s son and Dana, Jeff Otto, Chris Otto, Jean Sather, Mark Sather, Liz Cain, Jerry Cain, Barbie Nelson, Dana Petersen, Pete Holm, Phil Clemens, Jeff Wulf, Bruce Ewals, and Steve DuBois.

Liz & Jerry Cain                 Hi-Country Crew

 Year-Round Volunteer Board Members – Thank you!

Peter Bogy – Chair
Tracy O’Reilly – Secretary
Jack Beckstrom – Treasurer
Pam Beckstrom – Board Member and Race Secretary
Roy Etnire – Board Member and Musher Rep
Bill Daugereau – Board Member
John Stiles – Board Member





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Thank you to our volunteers.  We couldn’t do it without you.