Bob n’ Carol

So this AM at about 4AM Caravan of 4 cars drove from Seeley Lake back to Whitetail Ranch . Driving through 3 counties, Missoula, Powell and Lewis & Clark with a snowstorm most of the way dumping about 5” of snow. Thank goodness for the rumble strips in the middle of the road so I could know where I was ON the road!! Yep that’s Montana for you.
This will be the next to the last stop here for the 300 milers. At Whitetail, the mushers will take their 6 hr. Mandatory layover. Then the last 50 miles to the finish in Lincoln.
Vets are here, me, Rosie, Kim and Bill and our intrepid snowmobilers Shane and his son. Speaking of which, the snow was coming so fast and furious that they had to break trail for the first musher out of Seeley Lake—they were about 45 min ahead of the musher.
This is the part of the race that everyone is starting to look like the walking dead. You can tell right away who slept last night and who didn’t. Most of us haven’t slept more than 2-3 hours at a clip since the start—me included!!
Again, our ever gracious hosts here at Whitetail, Carol and Bob are welcoming us with open arms. Thank you again!!

As I write these words it is all I can do to keep falling asleep 💤
And my phone starts to drop and I wake myself back up.
So as I listen the Salmon Creek in the background gurgling just behind the house, musher coming in a few, I guess I will be putting of my nap again….