it’s how we roll

Hello all from race central!! We had a great day yesterday with all teams getting through the start chute in Lincoln. Weather a kind of balmy 29 degrees. But for anyone who has been to Hi-Country can attest to, there’s always gale force winds blowing there. Snow storm showed up with almost whiteout conditions for half the race. 
So, here I am now back in Seeley Lake waiting (and trying to sleep) for t he first 300 mile teams to come in. Not gonna tell you at this point who it’s going to be, so will have to check out Trackleaders, Montana’s Race to the Sky to see who is where.
Anyway, it is 4:04 AM and there are bodies all over the Community Hall! Volunteers, handlers and some great college students from the U of M.
Funny how everyone sleeps differently! Some barely breathe and you think they are dead, others make little noises and then there are of course the snorers. We even had a snorter!! Others stay in the same position for hours and some roll all night! Soooo I guess you could say they are all here at the hall!
One of our fearless leaders for data entry, Laura is great and ready to rock and roll. How IS that possible at this hour? But here she is fresh as a daisy!!
Keep following your faves in the race and as always— get your mush on!