Standings – 100 & 300

CONGRATULATIONS TO BRETT BRUGGEMAN of Great Falls, MT for winning the 2019 Race to the Sky 300! He finished at 6:02 with 11 dogs in snowy conditions. This is Brett’s first win at Race to the Sky with several second place finishes.

Next came Gabe Dunham at 6:02 with 9 dogs, Clayton Perry at 9:38 a.m. with 9 dogs, Damon Ramaker at 11:39 a.m. with 8 dogs and Cindy Gallea receives the Red Lantern at 11:40 a.m. with 7 dogs. 

300 mile

1STBrett BruggemanGreat Falls, MT6:02 a.m. Tuesday
2NDGabe DunhamDarby, MT9:18 a.m. Tuesday
3RDClayton PerryPower, MT9:38 a.m. Tuesday
4THDamon RamakerFountain, MN11:39 a.m. Tuesday
5THCindy GalleaWykoff, MN11:40 a.m. Tuesday

100  MILE Morrell Creek Sunday

1STRick LarsonBelt MT8:19 am
2NDJenny RoddewigBozeman, MT8:25 am
3RDCharmayne MorrisonPolson, MT8:30 am
4THPatrick RoyPlains, MT8:37 am
5THLaura DaugereauStockett, MT8:57 am
6THDavid HassilevPriest River, ID8:58 am
7THJames PilcherFairfield, MT10:02 am
8THMiriam OsredkarFairfield, MT10:03 am
9THRoy EtnireSeeley Lake, MT10:50 am
10THJanet BaheTogo, MN11:05 am
11THSteve MadsenCougar, WA12:31 am

JUNIOR 100 Mile Morrell Creek Sunday

1STNicole GrangrothMenahgr, MN9:33 a.m.

100 awards went to:

Nicole Grangroth received the Jack Beckstrom Sportsmanship Award receiving an 8 dog gangline sponsored by Adanac Sleds and Equipment

Rick Larson received The Jack Beckstrom Best Cared for Team Award receiving a glass etched plaque sponsored by Mindi Askelson

This race was dedicated to Jack Beckstrom, whose vision to bring distance racing to  Montana founded the Montana Governor’s Cup 500 in 1986.  He has participated and/or been part of the organizing board of Race to the Sky since its founding and was instrumental in bring mushing symposiums to Montana to help education dog mushers on how to take care of their dogs, nutrition, training and more.

The Sportsmanship Award and Best Cared for Team Awards are both coveted awards and especially the Best Cared for Team Award.  That is voted on by the sled dog veterinarians.  They decide who earns it.  The Sportsmanship Award is voted on by the mushers who participated in that year’s race.  Nicole is the youngest dog musher to receive the Sportsmanship Award from the adult 100 mile mushers.

The Jack Beckstrom Best Cared for Team Award for the 300 mile race went to Gabe Dunham. The Jack Beckstrom Sportsmanship Award went to Shane Peterson of Choteau for keeping the trail open for the mushers. The Triple Crown Award went to Brett Bruggeman. This is a new award for teams that ran the Eagle Cap Extreme 300 mile race, the McCall Ultra Challenge 300 mile race and the Race to the Sky 300. Brett Bruggeman also received the Cassie Askelson Award. That trophy is kept at Hi-Country Snack Foods.