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img_8090Helena artist Alex Worthy submitted this largest-ever race art done using a pallet knife.  The original, measuring 60″ by 40″ and a very impressive work of art, showing a race team getting a snow bath from snow falling off the huge evergreen trees.  The original is available by auction at the Awards Ceremony for the 300 mile race on Tuesday, February 14th at St. Paul’s Methodist Church, Helena.

All art prints are available at every race event, by calling Genesis Frame Shop & Gallery, the official frame shop of Race to the Sky  at 406-459-8125 to order a signed, limited art print or a print framed to your choosing or by calling 406-881-DOGS.




The 2016 artwork by Charley Shipley, “It’s All About the Dogs”:

Shipley’20160115_111744s love for the outdoors has always inspired and motivated his art.  His paintings come directly from his experiences.  One of his favorite subjects is the Little Blackfoot River.  His inspiration comes from remote, forgotten, untouched and wild places of Arizona or snow-covered peaks of Montana.  His paintings relflect the raw, yet peaceful beauty of this world, removed from the crowded hustle and bustle of everyday life.  His paintings invite the viewer to remember a distant time or place in the natural world that holds special meaning to them.  It is his hope, that his paintings can inspire a greater appreciation of our Creator’s handy work and the artistry in nature.  Shipley’s work is given life and character by his use of bold lines, ample use of paint, contrasts between light and dark, cool and warm.  Race to the Sky is pleased to have selected his painting as the 2016 signed, limited artwork for the 31st Race to the Sky.

Prints will be available at Genesis Frame Shop & Gallery, 900 Ray Road, Helena, MT 59602, 406-459-8125, the official Race to the Sky frame shop.  Cost for signed, limited edition prints is $25.00 plus $9.50 shipping,


2015 Artwork by Broose Johnson:

Broose Johnson enjoys art of all kinds but finds himself working primarily digitally these days. He enjoys trying to combine multiple elements into a single unified design.  His 2015 Race to the Sky desi Lights on black sweatgn, (“Star Dogs” as Broose affectionately calls it), attempts to explore the “Sky” portion of the Race’s title – which seems appropriate when celebrating the “sky’s the limit” nature of its 30 year anniversary. While gazing at the brilliant constellation, Orion, in the clear Montana sky one night, it occurred to Broose that the famous Hunter could just as well represent a Musher! Broose smiled and thought, “If the sky has a musher, there’s got to be a sled and dogs somewhere up here too!” When he spotted the Big Dipper he nearly fell over… it was perfect! Of course, it took some pretty drastic artistic license to get these two together, but the results were worth it. With the dogs and musher against a starry sky while racing through the Northern Lights, it truly is a Race to the Sky!  See a selection of Broose’s work including a reel of Disney animation highlights, at

To order art prints, please contact Ken Rosembaum, Genesis Frame Shop, 900 Ray Road, Helena, MT 59602, 406-459-8125 ($25 plus $8.00 shipping and handling).

Broose Johnson Bio – 2015 Art Print and Merchandise. 

Artist Broose Johnson has been an animator, story artist, and illustrator for over 25 years. For nearly 17 of those years, he was scribbling like crazy for The Walt Disney Studios as an Animator and Story Artist helping to create several of the Studio’s most beloved characters such as Sebastian the crab from THE LITTLE MERMAID, the Beast from BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, the Genie from ALADDIN, Young Simba from THE LION KING, and the dim-witted moose, Tuke, from BROTHER BEAR, among others.  He now illustrates for a Japanese kindergarten working on books, classroom posters and curriculum storybooks for their new curriculum which are adapted into fully animated 3-D DVDS for teaching kids English.  The best part is that he gets to do all this from his Bozeman, Montana home which he shares with his wife Penny and their (up to) 10 kids (depending on who’s home from college).

Broose and the family moved to Montana and were thrilled when Race to the Sky selected his submission as the official race logo for 2012!   He has provided logos for 2013- 2016 as Race to the Sky celebrates its 31st year.  His artwork has been used on many pieces of race merchandise along with certificates

and media applications.  He has been a race volunteer, along with his family, for some years and is a talented artist.


    The 2014 artist is Janice Bogy with her historical 70th anniversary of Camp Rimini artwork.

To order  art Art Print 2012prints,  contact Ken Rosenbaum, Genesis Frame Shop, 900 Ray Road, Helena, MT 59602, 406-459-8125 ($25 plus $8.00 shipping and handling).  See artwork below.

Memories – Mixed Media on Clayboard

For this year’s Race to the Sky art, I wanted to honor the role of Camp Rimini in the military efforts of World War II and the history of sled dog racing in Montana.  The original mission of the War Dog effort was to aid in the invasion of Norway.  When Churchill decided not to go forward with the invasion, the dog teams were used in Newfoundland to haul thousands of pounds of radio equipment to the top of Table Mountain at Camp Ray and rescue returning crew and aircraft.  Although at one time there were over 1,000 dogs at the training camp outside Helena, their mission was covert and not publicized.  The Camp was disassembled after the war and, sadly, there is no present indication of its existence.  The left images in graphite and ink are based on military photographs taken between 1942 and 1944.  The top left-hand picture is from training runs outside Camp Rimini.  The next image shows the Camp headquarters and barracks, while the small insert is a close up of the headquarters building.  The bottom left-hand picture depicts training runs with machine guns mounted to the Won lancet basket sled.  Finally, Wasig, the dog,  was Dave Armstrong’s leader in Newfoundland.  The color images in acrylic are based on my personal photographs of several recent Race to the Sky races and depict the finish line arch at Lincoln, Montana, the modern sled and the colorful booties worn by many of today’s teams.


Montana's Race to the Sky Poster 2014I am deeply indebted to Dave Armstrong who gave me a personal, walking tour of the area where Camp Rimini once stood and shared his personal memories and photographs of Camp Rimini and the efforts in Newfoundland.  What a blessing to be able to talk to a man who lived, trained and help build the War Dog program!

                                                                                                                                                  Janice Gernhart Bogy



To order previous year art prints, Janice Bogy’s (directly below) or Liberty Day’s (bottom),  contact Ken Rosenbaum, Genesis Frame Shop, 900 Ray Road, Helena, MT 59602, 406-459-8125 ($25 plus $8.00 shipping and handling)

Art Prin rtts2011-smallt by Janice Bogy for 2013 Race to the Sky Liberty Day 2012 art print

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