Schedule of Events 2020

Schedule of Events 2020

FEBRUARY 7-11, 2020

Friday, Feb. 7, Hi Country Trading Post Lincoln

1:00-3:30pm:  Vet check 300 mile race-Hi-Country Trading Post parking lot, Lincoln

3:30-4:30pm:  Drivers meeting-100 & 300 mile races (Mushers and handlers only)

6:00-8:00pm:  Pre-race banquet – Lincoln Community Hall

Saturday, Feb. 8, Hi-Country Trading Post, Lincoln

10:00-12:00pm:  Vet Check- 100 Adult and Junior                                   

2:00pm: Race Start!! All Races!!!

Saturday, Feb. 8, Whitetail Ranch Checkpoint, Ovando (52 miles)

5:00pm on: View 100 & 300 mile teams

Sunday, Feb. 9, 100 Mile Finish at Seeley Lake Community Hall, SL (50 miles)

3:00am-noon: 100 Mile teams finish at Morrell Creek Trailhead

2:00am-noon: 300 Mile teams in & out of Seeley Lake Community Hall  

1:00pm: 100 Mile Awards, Seeley Lake Community Hall

Sunday, Feb. 9, Owl Creek (50 miles)

Primitive–musher only checkpoint

Sun-Mon, Feb. 9-10, Seeley Lake Community Hall, SL (50 miles)

Both days: 300 mile teams incoming/leaving after mandatory layover

Sun-Mon, Feb.9-10, to Whitetail Ranch Checkpoint, Ovando (52 miles)

Late afternoon: 300 Mile teams in and out of Whitetail Ranch to Lincoln finish

Monday, Feb.10, to Finish at Hi-Country Trading Post, Lincoln (50 miles)

8:00pm on:  Finish of 300 mile race (final cut off is Tues. Feb 12, at 2:00PM)

Tuesday, Feb. 11, High Country Trading Post, Lincoln

3:00pm:    300 Mile Awards Ceremony

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