Race to the Sky’s New Jack Fence

Ta Da!

At last year’s Race to the Sky I, along with a couple of guys helping out, proceeded to put up rubber fencing  on lathing strips of wood up the start chute in Lincoln. I also had the same lathing strips to use for the $500 and up sponsors at the start chute. Well, I gotta tell you, we had to push those skinny pieces of wood through about 3 feet of frozen snow and try to keep up the fencing with literal gale force winds blowing. AND I had to get the sponsor banners on them too! Needless to say, I am never doing that again! It was a horrible experience. A lot of work and the fencing still blew down and I was just waiting for the sponsor banners to launch into the next county!

I had to figure out a way to make this a more sturdy solution, look nice and be able to get those appreciated sponsor banners up where everyone can see and photograph them. A suggestion was made to put up a “jack-fence”. Simple in design, sturdy, and easy to make—given you have the right crew working on it! So I got the right crew, wood donated by Pyramid Lumber in Seeley Lake and off we go. Had to get all this up before the snow started flying this winter and the ground froze. Today was the day. So in a rain/snow mix of moisture, mostly rain, in low 40’s and in about 3 hours we got the fencing up! Boy these guys knew what they were doing! We were a well-oiled machine, well “they” were well oiled. I on the other hand was just trying to keep up with the “is it level”? and “come on get those butts moving”! demands from the head honcho, Jake. Yeah, let’s not piss him off, he might screw one of your fingers to a post!

Once the “jacks” were made up we could start on the fencing part. The jacks are the big x’s. Then you put up the support beams to connect the jacks. Like I said a well-oiled machine. Just waiting for Brit to break an ankle in the same gopher hole she felt she needed to fall into all day. I said that we didn’t have time to run to the hospital today so get it together girl! So Jake and Teegan are screwing in the supports whilst Maddee is holding up the next jack and Macee and I are hauling up 12’ 2×4’s. Not bad at the bottom right off the trailer, but then you gotta go up the hill a ways carrying all this! AHHHH! Oh yeah, did I mention that it is raining out and we are getting cold? AND we are starting to do the slip, sliding movement carrying all this in the mud going up a hill! In the mean-time Teegan’s hands are getting cold. He finally puts on gloves and then proceeds to screw them into a post! Darn Kids.

Despite the set-backs, funny as they were, we got it all done! Pictures taken and guess what’s next? FOOD. Everyone’s cold and hungry so off we go to Lincoln proper and settled in for some eats. Teenagers are very much like mushers and have those bottom-less pits called a stomach. Just the mention of food coming is enough to get them full of energy and let’s get to the rigs and GO!

Another good day, albeit a cold one. Another biggie off my check-list for the Race, so I can relax a little–until tomorrow. Then I will start again with “the list”.

BTW, for all you potential sponsors out there. A $500 donation to the Race to the Sky will get your logo banner on this beautiful fencing where everyone will see it, photos will be taken of it and even might make it to TV when the film crews do their footage of the Race! So let me know if you are interested in an all- important sponsorship—it is our 35th year this year, so it will be something to be a part of!

C. Jewett