2020 Vet Team

Race Veterinarians

International Sled Dog Veterinarians for 2020 are both extremely qualified and experienced with sled dogs. Each veterinarian brings a wealth of experience and have secured other International Sled Dog Veterinary Association veterinarians to care for the sled dogs that come to Race to the Sky.  A big thanks to this year’s vets and techs:   

Dr. Kathy Topham

Dr. Kathy Topham is from Mantua, OH, where she practices Canine Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine at Pawsitive Results Animal Rehabilitation Center. She graduated from North Carolina State University Collage of Veterinary Medicine in 1995.

Kathy and Phil are celebrating their 22nd year of volunteering on sled dog races- together!

Dr. Phillip Topham

Dr. Phil Topham comes to Montana’s Race to the Sky from Mantua OH. Phil graduated from North Carolina State University Collage of Veterinary Medicine in 1992. He is a relief veterinarian, licensed to practice  in 13 states, including, of course, Montana. Although his practice is primarily small animal based these days, he still enjoys getting outdoors as much as possible.  This is his 9th Race to The Sky. He has also worked many John Beargrease Marathons, UP200 and Midnight Runs, and Copperdog 150s.  

Dr. Kristina Kiefer ( bio soon)

Dr. Cathy Davis.

Dr. Davis is from Helena, Montana has worked in canine sports medicine since 2012.  This is her 2nd Race to the Sky.  Dr. Davis runs the canine rehabilitation department at Alpine Animal Clinic in Helena.

Dr. Alex Moore.

Dr. Moore is from Whitefish, MT and works as a small animal emergency vet.  This is his first year at Race to the Sky.  Alex is also a search and rescue canine handler with his partner Hera.

Roberta Ronald, CVT

Roberta first worked on RTTS in 2013, and just kept coming back! Full time vet tech from Winnipeg, MB. Very active in both human and animal-propelled activities such as disc sports, skijoring, dog sports and general outdoors fun with her border collie Caelee.

Chrissy Damitz, CVT

( bio soon)