2021 Race to the Sky has been Cancelled

*The 2021 Race to the Sky has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.   We apologize to the mushers, sponsors and volunteers and hope to see all of you back in 2022 for the best Race to the Sky ever!                    

MSDI Board of Directors

Race to the Sky is Montana’s premier winter sporting event, and recognized as one of the most challenging and beautiful sled dog races in the world.  Our Races are a test of physical strength, mental toughness, teamwork, and a special bond between “man” and his canine friends.  Working together, teams negotiate the trail through Montana’s scenic Rocky Mountains.

The races were organized first as Montana’s Governor’s Cup Sled Dog Race in 1986 and they ran the first 500 mile race in February of that year. Since that year, Race to the Sky has been an Iditarod qualifier.

In 1989, they became Montana Sled Dog, Inc. Each February, since then, MSDI has been hosting this distance race. It has gone through several distance changes, including adding a 250 mile race, a 300 mile race and changing the 500 mile race to a 350 mile continuous format race.

We now organize three races “within” a race.  We have the 300 mile distance race, the 100 mile junior continuous race and the 100 mile adult continuous race.

The Race brings in a team of International Sled Dog Veterinary Medical Association veterinarians to take care of the dogs during the race. These highly skilled veterinarians know racing sled dogs and are experts in their field. We are grateful for their assistance each year.

There have been many changes over the past 36 years but one things remains eternal—the desire of the sled dogs to run!  We use multi-use trails and once the dogs start, they are quiet and focused on their job.  It’s what they are born to do.

Race to the Sky is a Montana tradition and its supporters, volunteers and sponsors have been there race since its birth. It is the volunteers who make the race happen each February and without them, it wouldn’t take place.

The Board of Directors is a volunteer group that meets each month to make decisions about the race, host events, and secure sponsors for the race. It is a big time commitment but board members have a “can do” attitude!

Montana Sled Dog, Inc., a 501(c)(3) is a nonprofit corporation under the I.R.S. Code and we welcome your partnership.  Become a part of our awesome team of volunteers! We would love to talk to you about becoming a sponsor, volunteer, or race supporter.

Sponsorships are always available in all categories from $250-$50,000!   See Sponsorships on this website. The race is always looking for volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, be a sponsor or just get involved, please email info@racetothesky.org or call 406-881-2909. Remember, everyone is invited to all the race activities, however due to Covid-19 restrictions some activities may be cancelled.